[Screencast] C: malloc and functions returning pointers

Explanation and examples of using the malloc function. Also, how to create/use functions that return pointers.

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[Screencast] Beginner's Introduction to Pointers in C

An easy, accessible introduction to using pointers in C.

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Lock TwitchTV in Landscape Mode on your iPhone

Step by step guide on how to lock your iPhone in Landscope mode when watching TwitchTV.

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How to Read a Programming Tutorial

Recommended steps to get the most out of a programming tutorial.

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Resize a Visual selection block to 80 width in VIM

How to resize a visual block of text in VIM to have all lines of that block be 80 width.

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Structures in C Tutorial: The Basics

A brief introduction to using Structures in C. Covers assignments, passing to function parameters, and structure declaration.

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Converting a simple website to Python Flask

Documenting first impressions converting a simple PHP/Wordpress site to Python Flask.

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Markdown to PDF Utility

I needed to get a Markdown document in PDF format. Unable to find a good solution, I set off to make a Markdown to PDF conversion utility. About 20 lines of Python later, here we are!

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Ubuntu Screencast Software for 11.04+

I browsed Google for quite a while before I finally found a good product for recording screencasts on Ubuntu. Most software I found, no offense gtk-recordMyDesktop, was extremely outdated and hardly functional. Video quality was either terrible or video/audio was out of sync.

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VI Keybindings in your Shell

There was once a very sad point in my development career where if I made a typo earlier in one of my bash statements, I would have to hold the left arrow to get my cursor over to the problem area and fix it. Then, one fateful day, I discovered VI keybindings in the shell!

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