How to fix Guard events not firing on OS X

How to fix Guard when events seem to not be firing when working on OS X.

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Nginx, PHP-FPM Installation Guide on Ubuntu 10.04

In my first screen cast ever, I'll guide you through setting up Nginx with php-fpm on Ubuntu 10.04.

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Multiple .screenrc Configurations | GNU Screen Tutorial

As an extension of my example .screenrc article, this article describes the why and how of multiple .screenrc configurations.

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Autotest Won't Work - Just Be Ghetto!

So I somehow managed to botch my Autotest installation I described in this tutorial. After spending many hours trying to get it back up and running again, I've decided it's just not worth it. Here's a ghetto bash script for semi-auto testing. You just have to press any key and it'll run the test.

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[SOLVED] warning: Insecure world writable dir

I've had my face-palm moment for the day. While searching for how to solve the annoying ruby alert of "Insecure world writable dir", the fact that I was on a FAT32 partition completely skipped my mind. The chmod/chown commands tutorials told me to execute weren't working, and my mind was blown. If you're an Ubuntu user working on a FAT32 partition, you can't change file permissions!

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PyQuery Tutorial: Basic HTML Parsing with PyQuery

As Python is my programming language of choice when it comes to getting things done quickly, I need a dead simple XML parser that gets me the data I want and gets the hell out of the way.

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List of Rails Session Variables

As a rails novice, one of the more frustrating things I've encountered with rails is the inability to search for specific method names in its API. This is because a lot of these methods are dynamically generated helpers that you should know by heart once you've mastered the "Rails Way." Unfortunately for me, I'm not at the point of calling myself a Rails guru, so I still need to know what all I have available to me. In my opinion, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what methods you have at your disposal.

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Start VIM in File Navigation Mode

A quick way to open VIM in file navigation mode when no files are passed to VIM.

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Installing RSpec, Autotest, and Spork on Ubuntu/OS X

I'm an Ubuntu lover in the process of learning Ruby on Rails. I've spent a good majority of my time "learning" rails trying to get Rspec, Spork, and Autotest to play nicely. Unfortunately, our designer is an Apple fanboy, so my testing suite needs to perform on OS X as well. It's extremely frustrating to spend so many hours trying to get these gems to work, just so you can continue on with the tutorial! Thus, to save you all the heartache I endured, here is a definitive guide to integrating Spork and Autotest with Rspec for Ubuntu AND Mac OS X!

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Rails Singular/Plural Reference Chart

I've begun my descent into pure Rails. The whole naming convention idiom is hard to remember while I'm just learning, so here's a reference chart for myself and for any other Rails noobs.

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