Top 5 SEO Resources for Tyler Texas Businesses

SEO is not magic, no matter how much some SEO scammers attempt to convince you otherwise. Search Engine Optimization is simply the implementation of the scientific method in relation to a search engine's algorithm: Hypothesize, experiment, analyze, conclude, and repeat until you find what the search engines like. However, unless you work as a full time SEO, you most likely don't have the time to experiment with on-site modifications and link building methods. In all honesty, one only needs very basic knowledge of search engine optimization techniques to rank above local Tyler competitors. Furthermore, knowing the basics of SEO prevents you from being scammed by shady SEO firms. To arm you with the basics of SEO, we've compiled a list of our 5 favorite SEO resources.

1) SEOMoz

SEOmoz SEOMoz not only sports one of the most comprehensive Beginner's Guide to SEO, they have some of the best SEO Software on the market. An invaluable tool that I use on a daily basis is the SEOMoz Open Site Explorer, a tool that lets you analyze the backlinks of your competitors. Additionally, SEOMoz updates their SEO blog frequently with extremely useful SEO strategies. SEOMoz sports an extremely enthusiastic community that shares ideas via YOUmoz. SEOMoz also offers a $99/month PRO membership option, which grants you access to exclusive content, tools, and best of all, the ability to ask SEO experts questions about your direct situation.

2) SEOBook

SEOBook SEOBook, run by Aaron Wall, provides brilliant insights in the world of SEO. Aaron Wall specializes in applying economics and business principles to Google's search algorithm. Not only does Aaron cover the "how" of SEO through the SEOBook blog, but explains the "why" with plenty of data and deductive reasoning. Aaron, while happily working for ungodly amounts per hour consulting the largest firms, is still humble and kind enough to take the time to answer the questions/comments of everyday people wanting to learn SEO. If you're wanting to learn the basics of SEO, SEOBook is a great resource. On the opposite side of the spectrum, SEOBook provides the most exclusive tools and content for advanced SEOs. The premium membership costs $300/month, but if you understand the value of search data and the SEOBook forum, then you'll know $300/month is completely worth it.

3) Conversation Marketing

Conversation Marketing Can something like SEO be fun? Can something like SEO be funny also? I had my doubts before I stumbled upon Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing. Not only does Ian provide great SEO techniques, he entertains you while doing it. Cynical, grumpy, and insightful Ian Lurie provides his audience with great tips concerning SEO and Social Media. Ian has an exclusive content package of his own called The Fat Free Guide (affiliate). Currently, this content package is the most cost effective package on the market. It currently goes for only $7/month, and includes tips on copywriting, link building, on-site SEO, Google Analytics, and Q&A Credits with the big man himself.

4) SEOChat

SEO Chat SEOChat easily contains more SEO content than any other site on the web. SEOChat boats an extremely active SEO forum where you are free to ask questions at no cost. Be warned: since the advice on the SEOChat forum is free, you may very well get what you pay for. SEOChat also provides a substantial number of articles and tools for you to experiment with. By signing up for the newsletter, you'll be presented with a weekly SEO article, keeping you informed of any major changes in the world of SEO.

5) Success Works SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting Heather Lloyd-Martin of Success Works is easily one of the most charismatic figures in Search Engine Optimization. As you delve more into SEO, you will begin to see the clear overlap between keyword optimization and copywriting. Copy that doesn't sell and keywords that don't bring paying visitors are equally useless. Heather teaches you how to find that perfect balance between pleasing people and pleasing search engines, helping you maximize traffic and conversions. Additionally, Heather's Twitter feed has proven time after time to be the most useful 140 characters I see all day. For business owners aspiring to run their company blog effectively, Heather offers an SEO Copywriting course to help you write copy that sells to users and search engines. We've found these resources to be invaluable, and we hope you find them equally useful. November 09, 2010
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