Physxcudart_20.dll Download

Download physxcudart_20.dll (ZIP File)

When Would you Need this DLL?

Some games, such as Borderlands require this dll file. Without it, your game might not even start.

Where to place this DLL on your system?

To keep things simple, you can just extract the dll to c:\windows\system32.

Why Bother Posting This?

physxcudart_20.dll not found

I recently purchased Borderlands for PC, but would receive the error message "physxcudart_20.dll not found". Reinstalling the program and reinstalling the latest nVidia drivers did not correct the issue, so I sought after the dll file. After sifting through tons of sites with fake Download buttons (that were actually just ads), I finally found the file. Download physxcudart_20.dll (ZIP File) June 07, 2011
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